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We have been racing for over 30 years.We enjoy drag racing in all forms.From Top Sportsman racing to Jr Dragster racing it's all been great fun for all of us.After every race event we always say,you meet the greatest people at the race track.Hope to see everyone soon.

 Pat's car at Eddyville.Fastest so far,4.90s 1/8,7.80s 1/4,with small shot of NOS.Putting new motor in this year,should go that fast without NOS.

This is a picture of Steve's t-bird.605 ci with bruno lenco. Last pass went 8.08 with a 484 ci and 200 shot of nos.Hit the nos one second into the run.Hoping to run 7.80 without the nos.

This a picture of our bracket car.It runs 8.80 in quarter mile.It is for sale turn key or rolling.

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